About Checcboard

Checcboard was conceived, designed and developed by specialists from the project management industry together with software-engineers and designers. Tired of having to work with outdated and needlessly complicated software combined with a clear understanding of how to skillfully manage a project, led to the founding of a new company. This was important because software knowledge was needed in addition to the practical knowledge already present to build and manage a solid platform.

The belief that everything should revolve around a clear dashboard brought initial sketches and tentative steps toward a platform design. After a considerable period of designing, building and testing, a revolutionary new tool is now available for projects in the petrochemical industry and beyond.

Checcboard is the most powerful, and easiest to use tool in the industry. Developed and designed for and by people from the industry.

Our statements

Who wants a complex tool to do an even more complex job?
A good tool simplifies a job, saves time, money and resources.

Checcboard is being developed with 'ease of use' tattooed on our designers and developers foreheads.  

A tool that is not used because it is too complicated is worthless.

Product development is key. What is revolutionary today is obsolete tomorrow.

We thrive on feedback. It helps to further develop Checcboard.

Facts & figures

  • Spin off of ECC​ solutions
  • Backed by ECC Solutions and STAR
  • Located in Roosendaal, Holland
  • 1st version of the software in 2019​
  • Originated from practice 'there is no good tooling’​
  • Striving for long-term partnerships with customers
  • Product development is key

Culture ​

  • Open, informal and committed
  • Inspired professionals who make a difference​
  • Always ocused on improvement and progress
  • “Getting things done!”

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