Project information

To run a project successfully, having all project information available is crucial. 
After set up, all information is stored in Checcboard. This information can be easily accessed at any time. Adjustments and revisions are always logged so that everyone involved always works with the current data.

Engineering recht

Engineering data (TAG's/objects)

All engineering data is conveniently and logically ordered and stored in Checcboard and can be accessed anytime and anywhere with just a few mouse clicks.



All documents are collected and archived in Checcboard. Documents can be searched by tag number, description, type, etc. Revisions and their dates are logged. Originator and status is shown and documents are available for download.



Checcboard lets you create classifications at the area/location level.


Clever import module

After all project data has been checked, modified where necessary and cleaned up, it is easy to enter it into Checcboard. The system intuitively helps organize and offers clever tools to set up the project.

Note: 'Shit in is Shit out'. Checcboard is powerfull but cannot perform miracles. Invest in comprehensive preparation.


'Build Sheet' module

Easily generate custom sheets with Checcboard's powerful sheet building module. Uniform and adapted to the specific situation.
With the push of a button, create a PDF version when a hard copy is desired.

Please keep me informed

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