Project status

Checcboard offers actual insights and status for all the components and their responsible parties in the process. Everything based on unique tag numbers. From the day an item enters the warehouse to the hand-over moment. 


Construction status

The Checcboard dashboard  shows the current status of the various phases of the project including that of the construction status. Need more detailed information? Click on the respective component in the graph or select an information field. The system shows an overview of, for example, the components that are overdue. Zoom in even further to see the details for each part. 

Construction detail schaduw

MC/QC/(pre-)commissioning status

Checcboard also supports the commissioning phase in the same clear and practical way. In the dashboard it is easy to see the status of this phase. Again, by just clicking or using the search function or the various filters, easily find, for example, "too late" assignments. In one more click the information is offered at detail level.


Hand over status

Monitor the hand over phase in general and zoom in on the details. Checcboard lets you create hand over certificates, check the confirmation of construction and shows detailed information of punch items.

Punch items

Punch item status

Checcboard provides you with an always up-to-date focus on the status of all punch items. It classifies the punch items and lets you zoom in on details, responsible parties and pictures of the punch item. Punch items are uploaded to Checcboard and processed with the mobile app.

See mobile app

Punch items2 gedraaid

Status by contractor

Checcboard keeps score of progress of your contactors. The dashboard shows clearly were attention is needed. Zoom in, simply by clicking in the graph or use the intuitive filters to find what you need to know. The system generates Excel exports you can send to contractors or managers and lets you be fully prepared for meetings.


Status by discipline

In the array of powerful reporting features, discipline-level reporting is another. Checcboard looks at the project from all usefull angles and provides you with powerfull information.

Object types

Status by object type

Yet another angle to look at the status of your project is 'status by object types'. Checcboard will help you to zoom in on every helpfull angle of the project to provide you with the latest status. No longer guessing, or only  having to rely on what is being said. Now you know.

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