Mobile app

The Checcboard mobile app is a powerfull and easy to use tool to help filling in sheets etc. on site. All actions are processed automatically in Checcboard.

Use the app to fill out MC/QC/COM inspection sheets and enter punch items. The app even allows you to take photos on the spot and add them to your report. This further reduces the possibility of error.


MC/QC/COM inspection sheets

The powerful CB app allows you to quickly recall and process an inspection on-site. Meanwhile, the digital sheet can be saved and paused or digitally signed off and processed.

Punch foto3

Enter punch items with photos

The app lets you quickly create a new punch item or update an open one after which you simply sign and save. Add photos to the report from within the app to avoid error and confusion.

The new or modified data is immediately streamed and processed in Checcboard. Where applicable, the person responsible is notified for approval or sign off.


Approval module

Trust is good control is better. Checcboard's approval module collects all approvable reports by responsible party. All open items come together here organized and by discipline. The responsible person can see at a glance where his attention is still needed to make a certain assessment final.

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