The power of control

Checcboard offers actual insights and status for all the components and their responsible parties in the process. Everything based on unique tag numbers. From the day an item enters the warehouse to the hand-over moment.

A complete scope of your project

All project information, actual status, who is responsible, it is all available with just a few mouse clicks. After hand over all data is safely stored and always available for maintenance, stops, and legal issues.


  • Engineering data (TAG's/Objects)
  • Documents
  • Area's/locations
  • Clever import module
  • 'Build Sheet' module


  • Construction status
  • MC/QC/(pre-)commissioning status
  • Hand over status
  • Punch item status
  • Status by contractor
  • Status by discipline
  • Status by object type

mobile app

  • Report construction work (completed)
  • MC/QC/COM inspection sheets
  • Enter punch items with photos
  • Approval module

data storage

  • Log of all project information

A sophisticated and fully digital approach to project completion management​

  • One version of all engineering data​
  • Log and track of changes​
  • Real time reporting for inspections, punch items, etc​
  • Transparent and consistent reporting across all stakeholders​
  • Factbased preparation of projectmeetings​
  • Better management of subcontractors​
  • On site use of Mobile app for MC inspections, Commissioning tests and Punch items​
  • Detailed audittrail on activities and tags​
  • Import/export/APIs to easily integrate with other systems​
  • Paperless but able to print​
  • 100% SaaS

Our claims


  • shows current overall project status at any time in an action-oriented dashboard
  • provides more control and grip, leading to better decision-making, better management and timely adjustments
  • leads to a shared framework of concepts, practices and thus more shared responsibility
  • thereby increases the predictability and reliability of project progress and of project costs
  • results in fewer delays and reduction of more/less work
  • provides complete commissioning documentation for hand over to operations
  • better enables you to deliver on time and on budget!

Data storage

Even after delivery, proper assurance of all project data is important and practical. In case of disputes, availability of evidence is of great value. But also for future maintenance and stops, available information can be conveniently used.

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