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Why Checcboard?


Project information

To run a project successfully, having all project information available is crucial. 

• Engineeringdata (TAG's/Objects)
• Documents
• Area's/locations
• Commissioning (sub)systems



Project status

To maintain control over planning and budgeting, it is critical to have easy acces to up-to-date project data anytime, anywhere.

• Construction status
• MC/QC (pre-)commissioning status
• Hand over status
• Punch item status
• Status by contractor
• Status per discipline
• Status by object type



Project log

Even after delivery, proper assurance of all project data is important and practical. In case of disputes, availability of evidence is of great value. But also for future maintenance and stops, available information can be conveniently used.


All-in-one application

Checcboard brings together all the main project factors and makes them accessible; Engineering data, construction progress, completion/handover management, MC, QC, (pre-commissioning), punch items, document control, and scope changes.

Checcboard creates inspection and test sheets, packages, progress reports and handovers. The Checcboard tool is web-based and also includes an intuitive mobile app.

Over 15 years of hands-on experience finds its way into Checcboard

We know who you are. We know what  the great challenges are to successfully complete complex projects in the industry. We have been there with you. We know what you need. It's called: Control.

We brought all this experience and vision to the table to develop a game changing completion tool that gives insight, reduces risks, secures project goals and streamlines processes. All on tag number level, presented in a smart dashboard with unparalleled possibillities of zooming in on every detail.

Click on anything, it's that simple! 

From 'overall project status' to 'tag details' in just 3 clicks

'Red' means 'not good'. Just seeing this in a graph doesn't really help. You want to know what's happening. Who is responsible? Simply click on anything in a graph you need to know more about. Checcboard will show you all the related information. What is wrong, who is responsible, what is being done. Just click on anything you need to know more about, and Checcboard will show you.

And of course we're mobile!

The Checcboard mobile app is a powerfull and easy to use tool to help filling in sheets etc. All actions are processed automatically in Checcboard.

Use the app to fill out MC/QC/COM inspection sheets and enter punch items. The app even allows you to take photos on the spot and add them to your report. This further reduces the possibility of error.


Very proud to have gained trust and colaboration from and with these companies:

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